Knitting under the Northern Lights with ARNE & CARLOS


We have the pleasure of inviting you on a Knitting Cruise on the Coastal Steamer “Hurtigruten” – and this time the famous knitwear designers ARNE & CARLOS are joining us! If you’re drawn to knitting a

Knitting under the Northern Lights with ARNE & CARLOS along the Norwegian Coastline!

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We have the pleasure of inviting you on a Knitting Cruise on the Coastal Steamer “Hurtigruten” – and once again the famous knitwear designers ARNE & CARLOS are joining us! If you are drawn to knitting and design, you might already know this duo, and their international success as knitting fashionistas. Lately they have become knitting superstars, and many people, both in the Europe, US and Asia, are familiar with their work, both through their inspiring books and social media presence.

Their home and creative base is a disused railway station about 170 km north of Oslo, in the mountainous region of Valdres. Here, the old railway station has been converted into their own designer studio. From this idyllic location, surrounded by mountains, placid lakes and dense forests, they create their arts and crafts inspired by old Norwegian and Scandinavian traditions, but adding their own unique touch. They share their creativity through their blog, Youtube channel and knitting books. Their first book, “Knitted Christmas balls” became a bestseller both in Norway and the US. ARNE & CARLOS will join us during the cruise, and inspire us with their humorous talks and workshops. They bring a Scandinavian flavour to both knitted and crocheted items that make them uniquely attractive.

From Bergen to Kirkenes

MS Finnmarken is beautifully appointed and decorated in the Art Deco style that was fashionable when the first ship with this name was built. Rich colors, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation characteristic of the Art Deco style are found throughout the vessel. MS Finnmarken is also the only Hurtigruten ship with both a swimming pool and Jacuzzi on deck. A defining feature of the vessel is her bow, and from deck 5 you can venture to the very tip of the ship.

We sail from Bergen to Kirkenes on this seven-day cruise, where you will see incredible landscapes – each one more dramatic than the next and enjoy the atmosphere and culture in cities such as Bergen, Ålesund, and Tromsø which are filled with coastal history. This cruise will give you spectacular experiences you will never forget.

The ship sets sail from Bergen harbor in the evening, heading for the Arctic. As we sail along the coast, a wealth of experiences awaits us: the Art Nouveau town of Ålesund, and further north the medieval town of Trondheim, where the Nidaros Cathedral is a highlight for many of our guests. Experience the excitement as we cross the Arctic Circle and visit Tromsø before we continue even further north and arrive at Kirkenes. This city is right on the Russian border. We are actually as far east as St. Petersburg!

Winter and Northern Lights

Winter is a special time to explore the wild and untamed Norwegian scenery. The landscape is a magical winter wonderland covered in white snow, and perfect for action-filled winter excursions such as dog sledding, whale watching, or snowmobiling. On deck the air is fresh and crisp. Clusters of cozy houses glow on the shores like embers. The snow-clad mountains are stunning in the polar twilight. And hopefully you will experience the mesmerizing northern lights.

The Northern Lights simply cannot be described in words – it has to be experienced. And there is no better place for it than northern Norway, above the Arctic circle and right under the auroral oval.

During the sailing towards the North, we will knit, learn about knitting traditions and listen to exciting talks by ARNE & CARLOS, maybe even learn a new thing or two. The cosy and warm lounges onboard welcome us, during the cold nights. We might enjoy a glass or two, while enjoying the ever changing and dramatic coastline outside the panoramic windows.

Enjoy a wide range of exciting excursions

The program for the cruise is tailormade for the nifty knitters, with exciting excursions ashore and interesting lectures and activities onboard. We will visit the Rauma Ullvarefabrikk, a yarn factory focusing on Norwegian wool production. During this guided visit, we will learn about the production process from wool to finished product. We will find a huge sortiment, from everlasting classic, durable qualities to the finest silk, alpaca and mohair. The factory shop is well worth a visit, with unique products. Here you will find inspiration, both yarns and finished garments are on offer. We will drive from Rauma to rejoin the ship again, via the famous Atlantic Road, a spectacular experience! This amazing full day excursion is included in the price.

During the cruise we can enjoy the local cuisine Hurtigruten is well known for. The philosophy behind the food served is ”Taste the Coast”, using ingredients of local origin, fresh fish like cod, Arctic char and meat like reindeer. We will also enjoy a four course Gourmet Dinner (included) in the elegant à la carte restaurant on board. A varied range of exciting excursions are on offer along the route (can be purchased onboard).

The cruise begins on the 12th March, and we sail from Bergen towards the North and the Arctic.

International air transport:  

We offer reasonable rates for international feeders, from Asia, Europe, North- and South-America.

Flight-package and stopover-package from the USA: 

We offer an optional flight-package with SAS Scandinavian Airlines for air travel from/to New York at a set-price, specially designed to fit the cruising times. There are two packages on offer, with pre and post cruise package options, including hotel accommodations and sightseeing.

Bergen – Ålesund – Åndalsnes – Kristiansund – Trondheim – Bodø – Tromsø – Honningsvåg – Nordkapp – Kirkenes