Knitting under the Midnight Sun with ARNE & CARLOS


We have the pleasure of inviting you on a Knitting Cruise under the Midnight Sub on the Coastal Steamer “Hurtigruten”. Our knitting cruises are a huge success and this is our third cruise, but first t

Knitting under the Midnight Sun – the world’s most beautiful sea voyage – with ARNE & CARLOS!

Have you ever wanted daylight 24 hours a day so you could knit even more? Now you have the opportunity to do just that, together with ARNE & CARLOS!

We have the pleasure of inviting you on a Knitting Cruise under the Midnight Sun on the Coastal Steamer “Hurtigruten”. Our knitting cruises are a huge success and this is our third cruise, but the first time under the Midnight Sun! If you’re drawn to knitting and design, you may already know ARNE & CARLOS, and their international success as knitting fashionistas. Lately they have become knitting superstars, and many people, both in the Europe, US and Asia, are familiar with their work, both through their inspiring books and social media presence.


Their home and creative base is a disused railway station about 170 km north of Oslo, in the mountainous region of Valdres. Here, the old railway station has been converted into their own designer studio. From this idyllic location, surrounded by mountains, placid lakes and dense forests, they create their arts and crafts inspired by old Norwegian and Scandiavian traditions, but adding their own unique touch. They share their creativity through their blog, youtube channel and knitting books. Their first book, “Knitted Christmas balls” became a bestseller both in Norway and the US. ARNE & CARLOS will join us during the cruise, and inspire us with their humourous talks and workshops. They bring a Scandinavian flavour to both knitted and crocheted items that make them uniquely attractive.

Three seasons on one cruise

During springtime, the contrast between southern and northern Norway is huge. From Bergen to Trondheim you will sail through a lush and green landscape in bloom – and close to summer temperatures! Further north in the Arctic region, winter struggles to maintain its grip. As you cross the Arctic Circle sailing toward the North Cape and Finnmark – it is usually full winter, and from mid-May the midnight sun offers 24 hours of daylight, even if the temperature and weather is more like winter. It is like experiencing three seasons on one cruise!
Summer is the most popular time of the year to explore Norway’s coast. The long, light days during the summer months seem to energize both nature and people. Even as far south as Bergen you can experience 19 hours of daylight. Flowers bloom, rivers fill with fish, and giant waterfalls cascade toward the ocean, creating a picture-perfect setting for a summer vacation cruise.

From Bergen to Kirkenes

The world’s most beautiful sea voyage will take us from Bergen to Kirkenes. The backdrop, a beautiful coastline, with thousands of islands and inlets, fiords and mountains. We board the grand ship M/S Finnmarken, which we think is the perfect venue for a knitting cruise! Cosy atmosphere, and plenty of little corners and hubs where the guests can gather to knit and talk. The “MS Finnmarken” is the only ship in the Coastal Steamer Company with both an outdoor swimming pool and outdoor Jacuzzi, so make sure you pack your swimwear! During the sailing towards the North, we will knit, learn about knitting traditions and listen to exciting talks by ARNE & CARLOS, maybe even learn a new thing or two. The cosy and inviting lounges onboard welcome us, we might have a glass or two, while enjoying the ever changing and dramatic coastline outside the panoramic windows.

Enjoy the local cuisine

During the cruise we can enjoy the local cuisine Hurtigruten is well known for. The philosophy behind the food served is ”Taste the Coast”, using ingredients of local origin, fresh fish like cod, Arctic char and meat like reindeer. A varied range of exciting excursions are on offer along the route.

The cruise begins on the 28th May, and we sail towards the North.

International air transport: We offer reasonable rates for international feeders, from Asia, Europe, North- and South-America.
Flight-package from the U.S: We offer an optional flight-package for air travel from/to New York at a set price, specially designed to fit the cruising times. We can also offer individual travel arrangements with other airlines, and from other cities.

Bergen – Ålesund – Geirangerfjorden – Trondheim – Bodø – Tromsø – Honningsvåg – Nordkapp – Kirkenes